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new york state election law

new york state election law

New York Times reports today that COLORADO;INDIANA: MICHIGAN:OHIO: NEVADA: and NORTH CAROLINA may have violated Federal Election Laws by taking ten of thousands of eligible voters off the roster. CAll your Congressperson. Complaint! Complaint!

Answer by bassdoc
Yes – they sure was.
I’m guessing Republican voter registration offices weren’t raided too often though.

Answer by ARLENE B
The tens of thousands you mention is only the tip of the iceberg of ineligible and fraudlent voters. Hopefully this will elimination continue and not be put to bed and ignored. Whether you are a Dem or a Repub. voter fraud is illegal and should be stopped.

Answer by lurker1953611
That’s the way Republicans do vote fraud.

Democrats try to squeeze in inelgible voters, Republicans try to keep actual citizens from voting.

If the GOP had it’s way, you’d only be eligible to vote if your last name was Inc. Those are the only folks their officeholders listen to anyway.

new york state election law

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