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martial law june

martial law june

how risky is the black market in the cyber world? what part of the government would you work for to reap the benefits of the current corruption? any predictions for the rest of 2014 ? what are you thoughts on FEMA camps, hyperinflation, martial law and who do you think will be president of the US in 2014?

Answer by Armchair Goddess #1
You are a bit late and a dollar short, here, Sparky. The credit and housing markets’ COLLAPSE began occurring in 2005 (according to National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”) and the financial system MELTDOWN reached its peak in the latter part of 2007 and continued into 2008.

The “money being made” during these periods was by GREED-driven banksters, investors, and corporate CEOs who gave themselves multi-million-dollar annual salaries plus more multi-million-dollar bonuses despite BANKRUPTING their respective institutions or firms. We have been in a slow-but-steady RECOVERY (according to Bloomberg News, leading economists for MSNBC and CNN, Reuters, Washington Post, etc.) since mid-June and early July of 2013—thanks to the Obama administration’s use of DEMAND-SIDE economics and the Democrats’ FISCAL SANITY measures which cleared both House and Senate despite not one single vote from the nation-destroying and often-filibustering GOP.

Money is being made by the hundreds of thousands of American workers hired for private-sector jobs for the 18th month in a row…and by the 95% of American workers who received a TAX CUT from President Obama’s Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) package on April 1, 2013…and by the small-business start-up incentives built into the Obama recovery plans (passed without any cooperation whatsoever from the Republicans in House or Senate more interested in playing politics than saving this nation)…or by the new or refurbished manufacturing plants in more than 40 states (see recovery.gov for details) busy making renewable energy resources that have the potential for making the United States #1 in exports and sales of alternative-energy products throughout the world!

The so-called “FEMA camps” may have been a nefarious “death-squad” type of religious-nut far-right-wing The Family/YWAM/Heritage Foundation/Council for National Policy CULT (Goldberg, 2006; Sharlet, 2008, 2014) tomfoolery during the Cheney days, but they are not now in existence and therefore are not a problem. Any “hyperinflation” fears can be cautiously held in check if you review Ben Bernanke’s profile—he is considered to be an EXPERT on all aspects of the Great Depression and has been keeping interest rates low while the Obama team works on all other aspects of our economic recovery both at home and abroad (see whitehouse.gov and recovery.gov).

President Obama is in the White House doing the job we sent him to do and he will be re-elected in 2014, thank God! Let’s keep the right-wingers at bay long enough to get this nation back on solid long-term strength and prosperity, shall we?

Answer by Mogollon Dude
You have to be a Wall Street political crook to make the big money today I believe .

martial law june

martial law june


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