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immigration law changes

I became legally an immigrant and a proud US citizen under the immigration law changes under a democratic administration. Without that I would have been asked to go back after I finished my graduate studies, under the immigration laws based on 1911 census unless I married an American. This is a nation of immigrants and I would appreciate if GOP candidates address the issue as Presidents Kennedy and Johnson addressed this issue in the1960s.

Answer by lestermount
The changes made in the 60s and after have not solved the problems of illegal immigration and in fact may have made those problems worse.
Amnesty did not and will not solve these problems.
In your case you were here legally, but had a limited visa, the problems today are caused by illegal immigrants who want an advantage over legal immigrants and not have to go through the process.
Rewarding people who are here illegally is not a fair or correct solution.

Answer by Jessica
If I understand you correctly, you were never an illegal immigrant.

I do not wish to live with criminals. I don’t want to have people who routinely break the law to be my neighbors. If someone decides that an immigration law is inconvenient, and breaks it to come to my country, what happens if s/he decides that property laws are inconvenient, and s/he steals my property?

The one thing I know about illegal immigrants (who came over as adults) is that they are willing to break the law to get what they want. And I don’t want to be near such people.

Two of my grandparents were LEGAL immigrants, by the way.

immigration law changes


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