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When you are pulled over in utah, or stopped at a DUI stop do you need to provide I.D and or roll your window all the way down. Can you record an officer. What are some things I can do to have control of tge situation and pprotect myself?!?! (:

Answer by Fat, Old, Bearded, Bald Guy
Wherever you are stopped by the police, stay in your car, put your hands on the wheel in plain sight,
and then do exactly what the officer tells you to do.
If you do this, you will never have a problem with a Police Officer doing his duty.

Answer by Never Again
The only control you have is to do as your told or not and live with the consequences.

Yes you have to show ID
No you don’t have to roll the window down all the way
No you cannot record unless your recording device is hands free.

You can protect yourself by NOT BREAKING THE LAW.

Answer by Michael
Wait in the car

I have an Rx for 10mg Ambien, which I take every night for sleep. From what I read, it is possible to be arrested for DUI for prescription medication, and Ambien was listed. I already have 3 DUI’s, so one more could land me in prison. Question: should I give up sleep, or give up driving?

Answer by Bruce
In order to be arrested, you would have to be under the influence of the drug to the point it would impair your ability to drive.

If you got a full nights sleep after taking it, you would be fine.

Answer by hironymus
If you are talking about the next morning, Ambien should be pretty much out of your system by then. Just don’t take it and go for a drive 2 hours later. That’s a good way to kill yourself or someone else.

Answer by Star Dust
You’ve already got 3 DUI’s? Were it up to me, pal, you wouldn’t be driving in the first place, Ambien or not.

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