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divorce texas style

I am currently taking a business law course in which a group is to present on why some lawsuits (from big business down to divorce court) reward plaintiffs and defendants so much money, anywhere from 5 digits and up to billions of dollars. Do any of you have any recomendations as to where to start researching such a topic? We have already consulted several librarians who were also unable to find relative material.

Any experience or advice is welcomed.


Answer by Lakeisha
because sum are more important than orthers and the time is more important

Answer by Sunshine
Sometimes the damages require huge payments. If a company’s drug causes diabetes in a large group of people, the class action settlement has to cover all of their injuries and medical treatment.

Sometimes judges allow punitive damages against a company who clearly acted in bad faith, and the damages have to be huge enough to make them avoid doing it again if their bad behavior was profitable. They have to know it will affect their bottom line. A lot of companies will continue behaving questionably if they know they can make more off the illegal behavior than it will cost them in a lawsuit. The damages have to be large enough to discourage the improper activity going forward.

Answer by Goldwolf
i think it matters for howmuch you sue for

divorce texas style

I’ve been watching Big Love and I’ve been wondering what the punishment is for them if they’re outed? Is there any official punishment in the States or other countries?
Also , since it seems only the first wife is legally married to the husband , how exactly will it be determined whether a family is polygamous or a man is just cheating on his wife with two or three other women he’s not married to? (which is not illegal)


Answer by Quizzard
You have hit the nail on the head concerning why polygamy laws are not valid.
1) It is perfectly legal for a man (or woman) to live with as many other adults as want to do so.

2)Only the first marriage is legally recognized by the state.

3) So how can the person in #1 be charged with a crime for pretending something (the other marriages)?

I agree that if a person fraudulently obtains some sort of benefit from a non marriage they should be charged, but simply for living with more than one spouse? Why should that concern ANYONE but them.

Oh, the answer to the joke at the top of the page is: The penalty for polygamy is having multiple spouses…..

Answer by Kelly
I haven’t heard of anyone doing that in the states. People cheat on eachother and the punishment for that is being told off by the other spouse and dumped/ divorced. Possibly sued if they can find a way to. But polygamy, I haven’t seen anyone do.

Answer by slew
I don’t think the US outlaw polygamy, but rather every state has. It might soon be legalized in Claifornia if the anti gay marriage law is struck down. The same thinking for gay marraige also goes with Polygamy. The state that makes the biggest deal is actual utah, which is required to outlaw gay marriage in their constitution to become a state.

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