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It seems that Republicans constantly do this on issues. Why?

Cuccinelli Removes Web Pages to Hide Record On Immigration

With Republicans in Washington looking to moderate the party’s rhetoric on immigration, Virginia Attorney General – and gubernatorial candidate – Ken Cuccinelli is attempting to airbrush his anti-immigration record by removing material from his website. Unfortunately for Cuccinelli, the Internet just doesn’t work that way.

A cached version of his site from February 25th highlights his right-wing record and views. It boasts of his votes against in-state tuition for undocumented students and his crackdowns on hiring undocumented workers. That page is now gone, as are pages opposing gun control and abortion. It seems Cuccinelli thinks he can sidestep his extreme record by simply removing it from his website, or as the Washington Post put it, “Mr. Cuccinelli hasn’t shifted his position; he’s just removed it from public view.”

Of course, even the amazing vanishing web pages didn’t include some of Cuccinelli’s most extreme views on immigration, such as his support for Arizona’s SB 1070 and his comparison of immigration policy to pest control. Cuccinelli can play with his website all he likes, but he can’t hide from his extreme, far-right record. – See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/cuccinelli-removes-web-pages-hide-record-immigration#sthash.tZ7GJ4H9.dpuf

Answer by Chuck
Good question.

Cuccinelli has a solid record and should be proud of it.

Answer by Star Logan
“anti-immigration record” you make it sound like anti-immigration is a bad thing.
I think right now we should be kicking people out by the bus load.

Answer by Edgar
Why are Democrats like Terry McAuliffe trying to cover their record on being for sale to the highest bidder?

There, fixed it ferya, GreaseBall.

Answer by MarjaU
He framed people, imprisoned some and deported others, arranged for the assassination of others, etc. Basically, Palmer used police-state tactics to get rid of dissidents, including anarchists and communists.


“On May 28, 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union published a report entitled Report of the Illegal Practices of the United States Department of Justice which carefully documented unlawful Departmental authorization of the arrests of suspected radicals, illegal entrapment by agent provocateurs and unlawful incommunicado detention. The report was signed by prominent lawyers and law professors, including Felix Frankfurter, Roscoe Pound and Ernst Freund. Palmer was called before the House Rules Committee and strongly defended his actions and that of his department, saying “I apologize for nothing that the Department of Justice has done in this matter. I glory in it.”[13][14]

“In June 1920, Judge George Anderson effectively ended the raids when he ordered the discharge of twenty aliens, and denounced Department of Justice actions. The discovery of trumped-up charges and the Daugherty-Burns scandal turned public opinion against further large-scale arrests and searches, though subsequent bomb attacks and public clamor to punish the radicals believed responsible did not subside.[15][16] Palmer, once seen as a likely presidential candidate, lost the nomination.[13] For their part, the Galleanists continued their violent bombing campaign, which would last another twelve years.[17]”

For example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IWW#Government_repression

“In Centralia, Washington on November 11, 1919, IWW member and army veteran Wesley Everest was turned over to the lynch mob [an American Legion unit] by jail guards, had his teeth smashed with a rifle butt, was castrated, lynched three times in three separate locations, and then his corpse was riddled with bullets before it was disposed of in an unmarked grave.[11] The official coroner’s report listed the victim’s cause of death as “suicide.”"

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